June 13th, 2009

Quick post!

I've been a very bad member, not updating and such. My darling hubby bought me Sims 3 so I was actually ignoring ALL my online communities for at least 3 days. I did go back and catch up though. My dreads are getting some length and I love it very much.

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Doggy talk - still dread related!

This is still on the subject of dreads hehe! ^_^

Has anyone here heard of a Hungarian Puli or a Komondor?
I used to work in a dog and cat grooming parlour when we lived in London, and since I saw a Puli for the first time - I WANTS.. they are rasta dogs, my favourite breed :D.

I was reminded of them when someone mentioned how hard it was to dry dreads, and I could remember having to wash a Puli near on twice a week, and then try and dry that within two hours before the client comes back lol! My hands ALWAYS cramped up so bad!

At least a Pulik coat dreads up ever so quickly though once it's a few months old, no need for backcombing or anything, just keep seperating them evenly and they have tidy mini dreads after a few weeks! ^_^

I'm planning on getting a Puli at the end of this year! XD

And when I've got my dreads also, it really will be a case of the dog looking similar to the owner lol.

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I had a dream...

... where my boyfriend sported blonde dreadlocks. So I woke up and told him that I was going to dreadlock his hair. Naturally, the poor bloke didn't have much of a choice in the matter and so two days later I'm here dreading his hair!

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