June 15th, 2009


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New collection dreadcoils
Old collection is now on sale with €1 discount!!

All dreadcoils prices are excl. Shipping

- The inside is +/- 1cm wide
- Can be worn in natural or fake dreads

Brown with glassbead and ganesha charm €4,00 (one of a kind!)

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-€1,00 Holland
-€1,50 Europe
-€2,00 Outside Europe

I accept PAYPAL only.

And a pic of my dreads


My dreads are about 2 years old now, and I've been noticing a little of a smell for the past week or so, and tracked it down to one of the wool wraps I had in my hair. I pulled it off and found a little white powdery stuff underneath, I'm guessing mildew. And it smelled bad! So off came all the wool wraps, and off came the human hair extensions I've had in for about a year now. It seems that the wraps were tight and not allowing my hair to dry, so I figured I'd not take a chance that the sewn and crocheted connections wouldn't eventually get funky too. I'm kind of happy to see them go, they were much coarser than my hair, and a bit scratchy. Also, I feel very free right now, like yet another step in my journey is complete. Before I dreaded my hair it was very long, so when it shrunk to my shoulders it kind of freaked me out. I needed the extensions then, but I don't think I need them anymore.

My hair is much lighter, and my ends are soft! I do miss the length, but I'm trying to adjust. Here's a pic with lots of contrast!


Animal Dreads

I was brushing my indoor cat last night since it was the first night being home in awhile, and because of that ( as well as losing winter fur ) she shed a ton. I pulled the hair out of the brush and proceeded to wonder if it would dread, so I palm rolled it, and voila. A perfectly tight kitty-dread. I suppose it's the texture of her hair that made it lock up like that? It's really spiffy, in my opinion.


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My first Deep Cleaning

I decided to try out a deep cleaning on my 5 month old dread baybees before attempting to dye them somewhat close to my natural color. I read that deep cleaning can help strip out old hair color, and seeing as I fucked up my dyes recently and wound up with blue hairz, I had to try to get as much of the blue out as possible. Dying over blue is a huge bitch as I've learned through past experience+lots of reading.
I should have rinsed longer, but I know my Aisybaby is going to be waking up any second now to demand her suckling time, so I guess I'll rinse more tomorrow when I have my lovely boy here to help out.

Anyway, onto the pictures.

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