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MA-area dreadheads good at crocheting? [17 Jun 2009|05:40am]
After 6 years of dreadlocks, (and a year of this set, give or take a few months) I want to extend my locks with the remainders of my 2nd set. I wish I could do this on my own--the problem is my hands. I have carpal tunnel, and while it doesnt give me too much shit in every day activities right now, it makes extending a dreadlock to be completely solid nearly impossible. Any takers? I'm looking for totally solid, strong work. Hopefully someone in the surrounding 100 miles is up to it! Let me know, kids.
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One photo update [17 Jun 2009|10:07am]
[ mood | calm ]

On my journal I've been trying to post a photo of something everyday (not entirely successfully mind), and couple of days ago I took one of my hair because I hadn't realised it had grown so much. Today I thought "Hang on, why didn't I post it to GUDU?" So here it is.

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Just before I started them, my hair was all past the waistband of my jeans; after a year or so they'd shrunk to being just past my shoulders, and now after nearly three years they're finally getting towards the length they were in the first place. They still feel very messy to me from the front, so seeing this was a pleasant surprise.

Incidently, on the off chance that anyone remembers me posting about dying it semi-permanently in November, and then a few months later being was amazed that it was still red - well, it's still the same lot of dye, it still hasn't washed out. Crazy!

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Baby dreads. [17 Jun 2009|02:58pm]
The ones in the front are a month old, and the back ones are about a week and a half.

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bonnaroo '09! [17 Jun 2009|03:35pm]
hiiii, kids. i went to bonnaroo this year for the first time with the boy. for those who don't know, bonnaroo is a music festival on a farm in manchester, tn. you can camp on the grounds and stay there for four days, which is what we did. i had an incredible time. i saw so many amazing bands, met so many cool people, and saw SO MANY dreads. all in all, it was one of the best weekends of my entire life.

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[17 Jun 2009|05:49pm]
(first post ever — im going straight to the point)
I was at a party on my friend's house when suddenly I said "do you want dreadlocks as a gift?" (it was her birthday) but I wasn't sure if I'd backomb it right — I did my own dreads and it turned out pretty well so I thought it would be easy.
Then she said yes and I started backcombing her hair and... it turned out pretty well, I guess. I wanted to show you the pictures so you can tell me what you think :D

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10 days :) [17 Jun 2009|08:06pm]
I promised to post  lots of pictures this time, so here are my lovelies at about 10 days old :)

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Its weird, I forgot what this early fuzzy/crazy stage was like. I'm having fun so far though. I even found some headbands that seem like they might not stretch out too much with wear to keep them somewhat tamed :) I'm interested to see how long the curls last on the ends!

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1 year! woooooo! :o [17 Jun 2009|09:28pm]
they finally turned one year today! yesss. my original plan was to cut them on the one year mark, but i decided against it. and i am happy. :o who wants a timeline?!

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PICSPAM :D [17 Jun 2009|09:38pm]
[ mood | tired ]

it was my 21st birthday over the weekend, so i have a SHIT LOAD  of pictures to share with you guys.
it was one of the best birthdays i've ever had, not all of my friends showed, but the ones that mattered did, and we had tons of fun. theres a couple of my dreadie friends in the pictures. i had a bbq, the sun was shining, the guitars and bongos soon came out, and some poi :) great times!
enjoy, theres a hell of a lot under here :)

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[17 Jun 2009|10:14pm]
hey guys!
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I never use livejournal [17 Jun 2009|10:48pm]
except to read about everyones beautiful dreads and to learn how to care for my own!! You all are beautiful!

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