June 20th, 2009

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Hey guys, I thought it was about time to do another update... my dreads will now be 2 weeks old tomorrow! They're suuuuper messy right now, and there are some silky smooth strands underneath, and lots of loose pieces, but pretty much I'm just gonna let them do their own thing and hope for the best, unless anyone has any suggestions for me. Here's some pictures!

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1 year, mess!

I used to be a GUDU addict, did my first set by backcombing, had them for a year and then decided it wasn't time for me to "settle down" with my dreads yet. so I brushed them out, got shortish hair messed around with colours etc and now it's time for dreads for the long term. So here is my second set done by no brushing, weekly washing and lots of tearing bits apart.

I still have a LOT of loose hair and mess, have tried crocheting to get it tidied a bit but I can't do it... as i have a very sore neck/shoulder from work and I got frustrated when it just wouldn't work. Anyone near Edinburgh Scotland that would like to help? lol

I also have very wispy ends but those dont bother me as much as the mess all over! In a few of the pics I look like I've got a few baldy patches at the top too but I'm living in hope that everything will fix itself in time. I'm just slightly embarassed about the mess of it when there's other peoples that look perfect at 1 year. But hey everyone's hair is different I suppose.

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