June 21st, 2009


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i did my first three dreads today.  they are currently pulled back, so they aren't crazily sticking up.  this is my first set, and they are natural, only backcombed and palmrolled.  i have semi short hair, so i don't know how well this will go.
any advice is appreciated.
i would post pictures, but i'm new to lj and have no idea how to do a cut, or add a picture.

i however will figure this out soon.
and post again.

btw, i absolutely love everyones dreads.  and thank you for consuming my late nights of boredom.

summer solstice, new dreads

i started my dreads on thursday in hopes of having them done by today. i love them already.
i was planning on waiting until my hair grew a bit past my shoulders, but i woke up on thursday and it just felt right. i've been wanting dreads for 4 years so it felt like it was time. short dreads aren't so bad anyway.

i've been surprisingly getting a lot of positive feedback and they really do feel beautiful. i'll post pictures at the one month mark.

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just saying hello

 I have been lurking for about a year now, and I thought I would final say hello to every one. * waves hi* 
I've been growing my dread for a year now, and this community has help me out alot, so I didn't freak out when the fuz and loopy mosters emerged.Collapse )
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so. It's time for a change! I was thinking about cutting my dreads. not off, just... shorter.

does anybody have pics of a successful dread bob? or something of the like?

(I'm sure you guys can imagine what comes up when you google search "dread bob" and it's not what I'm looking for :P)

ooh ooh ooh concoction!

soo i took a shower just a few minutes ago. you should all know that i'm really gettin sick of my red. i've dyed it so many times but it fades within days, and i just don't want to keep up with it anymore. i thought i did but....anyway! so now i just REALLY want to get the color out as much as possible. so i went to grab my dishsoap and passed by the fridge and thought "i wonder if we have lemon juice" which we did. there was a bottle of it with some left at the bottom. i was going to put the dishsoap away and thought "...could i combine the two?" so i squeezed some of the orange liquid dishsoap into the lemon juice bottle, and diluted it a little with some water. when i was in the shower, i poured it along the top of my head on my scalp, and just let it drizzle over my dreads. i massaged slowly, and rinsed. now, lately, my dreads have been feelin NASTY. like, brillo pad nasty. but there not even two months yet, so i didn't want to condition and have them fall out. anyway, i rinsed and got out of the shower only to feel the SOFTEST DREADIES EVER. i feel like i have rolled up little blankets on my head, their so fuzzy and soft. AND they smell awesome! like lemons and oranges! :D i was so proud of myself!

has anyone else tried combining dishsoap and lemon juice?