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[26 Jun 2009|09:18am]
So I'm very pleased to announce, that after deciding to dread my hair 3 months ago, if all goes according to plan today, I too, will be dreadhead. If it doesnt work out for today, then tomorrow will be the fated day. Before and after pictures are to come :)
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[26 Jun 2009|01:36pm]
Greetings seriously for anybody living on the east coast (round NJ), isnt it crazy that there hasnt been any sun for the past 3 weeks? I should have insane tan lines by now.

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19 months? [26 Jun 2009|10:25pm]

i have a dreadhawk!Collapse )

i might go shorter on the sides, but fuck, i'm pretty stoked. im going to extend some dreads with my fallen compadres. :]
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