June 27th, 2009

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I is a n00b

Okay so I feel like a total idiot right now, and I know Lish will yell at me but I'm having a hard time. Okay, the chick who started my dreads yesterday told me not to wash them for 2 weeks. Perfect, I can handle that, not a problem. However, I'm searching all through the memories (Ive been doing it for about an hour and a half right now), and I cant find what I'm looking for. At the two week period, am I going to wash them as in, deep clean them, or am I just going to wash them with like dish soap and then rinse it out? Im stumped, and if I wasnt so excited about having my hair worked on, I would've been smart enough to ask the chick doing them.
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I've only posted here a few times since I started my dreadlocks, and a friend of mine, who is a member here, was the one who suggested this community to me. I joined, and enjoyed looking at everyone's hair in the past couple of weeks, but there's something I noticed about some of the members, and even the mod of this community. Some of you can be very rude to people who are honestly just asking a question. So what if they don't look in the memories? Is it really that big of a deal? In my opinion its not, and it would be nice for you to simply answer their questions. I don't like the way things are ran here, and it seems that some people feel they're above others. You're not that special, you're really just like everyone else. I'm leaving this community because I just can't stand it. Thanks a lot.
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Thirteen Months

Someone took a photo of my hair from the back. Seriously, every time this happens I realize that I'm probably one of the most easily-identifiable people from the back.
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Also, is there anyone in the Salem/Portland/Eugene [Oregon] area who's interested in doing some maintenance trade? I spent a few hours working on my hair, and it looks a lot better [not that you can really tell from this picture...], but it needs SO much work. Goodness. Alright. Enjoy your Saturday, folks!

et encore..

Okay, so I posted quite recently, but I most show you guys these pictures! A few friends, the boy and I hiked up to Eagle Creek and Multnomah Falls here in Oregon. We all live in Portland and love going to all the waterfalls. The natural beauty here is so amazing. So, some hair and then on to the nature pics!

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mod post!

oh hi! auntie_maim has been banned over this comment. it's for her own good, you see. i wouldn't want her to end up looking like US.

go team gudu!

(generally i give warnings & am very lax & such, but flat-out insulting the entire community plus the memories system is all i really needed to see.)

edit: also, see this for another taste of hilarious.
edit: wow, this too. why'd she even join in the first place?

deep cleans!

so! as some of you WONDERFUL people informed me, DEEP CLEANS can help fade temporary hair dyes! so, i thought i'd give it a shot, using the recipe i got from the oh so lovely memories, and share with you what came out ;)

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sup :/

okay so after not wanting to post since I cut off my last set, due to not having a good camera, I decided to brave the camera-phone in order to post my two-year-old antenna, and 8 month old dreads on the rest of my head, which grew from using the neglect method. Also, some art.
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So, sorry the quality of the pics is shit, hopefully you can see them a bit :3

So much drama /sadface

Do not want!

This community is my sanctuary! "Waily waily waily"

Anyways :) My good friend John decided he would like dreads, so I happily dreaded his hair. It's my first set besides my own random pattern of dreads mixed in with brushable hair, so he was my guinea pig. But, I felt confident. I have pictures :)

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