June 28th, 2009


So hello there!

Prepare for someone who is most likely doing it all wrong!  Lol.  Sorry.. but I just had to join because this place seems awesome and just what I need!  My name is Angela and I decided to try some dreads.  Only thing is my hair was short... and uhm... I have OCD about my appearance and the frizzyness drives me nuts.. I had extensions I did myself for my wedding 3 years ago, loved it.  Thats them in my defult photo.  So when my husband said dreaded blondes were hot, I was like.. sweet!  I can do it!  (I thought he thought dreads were not hot...eh)  So I backcombed then added rubber bands later... which I see might be a bad idea... Uh pictures and more under the cut if I do it right, if not I'll edit it and try agian!
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Its like at least  27ºc outside and days like these, its a real burden to have dark dreads.
But i'll stick it trouhg, and in the winter I will be happy to have dreads to warm me with.
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I got such a great response from everybody when i postd a month ago, i figured i should show some of my progress and share some pics i thought you'd like to see. thanks for the feedback! on another note, i wanted to express my annoyance with the lint i find in my hair all the time, and it seems to only stick to the bottoms of my dreads where they get either skinny or rounded, i actually need atleast an hour to pull all the little lint fuzzies out of thebottoms of my set, grrrr

here are 6 pics of myself and a few of other pics i'd like to share

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happy summer everybody
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oh, 8 months!!

well it's been 8 months, so figured i would do a short timeline :]

i love to take pictures while i'm driving!

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it's really cool to see how much my dreads have changed, especially since i wasn't totally crazy about them in the beginning. but i am in love with them now, i wouldn't change them for anyone!! the last 8 months have definitely been the most interesting time i've had. when i started them, i didn't know shit about dreads. most, if not all, of the people i knew who had dreads, used wax. so that is how i started them, and literally found this community the next day. i've learned so much about dreads, life, and myself and i've gotten to a point where i can honestly say that i am happy with almost every aspect of my life.

and i know i'm mostly a lurker, but i check this regularly, and i just want to say, you are all awesome and i wouldn't have been able to get this far into my journey without the positive energy and helpfulness of everyone in this community!

peace and love! :]
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bye bye!

So after 10 months I combed out all my little dreadies. It took 10 hrs of my mom and mercilessly ripping the comb through them.

The biggest reason is probably that I feel like a totally different person than I was when I started them at the beginning of my senior yr of highschool. I feel like I have really grown up and learned a LOT about myself in the past 10 months, and these dreads are just not who I am right now. I did love them a heck of a lot though, and I'm almost certain I will have dreads again in the future.

Also, I never really took very good care of them, so they were a little gross :/ But with my next set (if there happen to be one) I will take what I have learned with these and not make the same mistakes again!

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I really just want to say thank you so much to everyone who ever commented on my posts with encouraging words, and thank you in general to everyone for just being so welcoming and awesome. I certainly would not have lasted as long as I did without GUDU! <3