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Cut mah Dreads.... [29 Jun 2009|01:48pm]

Here's the aftermath...... poor little dreadies not on my head:


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Long time no post. A few pics of my six (?) year old dreads. [29 Jun 2009|08:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I haven't posted to this community in about a million years, so it's about time I do so. lishd for the nudge. :D

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10 months :) [29 Jun 2009|09:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I don't post very often usually because I really do hate photos... But lately my dreads have gone on little journeys - cutting, dying and growing enough to start wearing in new styles! To accompany the text, I have a few photos to share!

WARNING - pics may be a little big, sorrrrry!!!

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Memorial Day Weekend [29 Jun 2009|10:48pm]
Because most of my friends are as on the ball as I am, here are some of the other pics from the Memorial Day campout:

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its picture time [29 Jun 2009|11:09pm]
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Last Weekend [29 Jun 2009|11:25pm]
So as to not make the last entry too picture-huge, I split it into two parts.

Here's pics from the Longest Drinking Day Solstice party last weekend.

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