July 1st, 2009

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Dying/Bleaching Dreads

Hi, I've read the memories but couldn't find what I was looking for. I want to bleach a layer of my dreads and dye the rest but I also want to crochet in some loops, finish crocheting the tips (Right now they all have these, like, wispy little tails. Haha.), and sew in some loose hairs. Would it matter if I bleached and dyed my hair before doing all that crocheting and sewing? I figure it won't matter because crocheting/sewing won't expose any uncolored hair from inside the dread, right? I guess it would really differ from one set of dreads to another and how much work they need but I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this and get some input because I'm really dreading/procrastinating all that crochet work.

My dreads are about eight months old and I think they seem pretty tight and hard but they're pretty bumpy and loopy.

Also, how do you get your dreads to not be so bumpy? How do you get each dread to maintain a uniform thickness?

Yayy, can't wait to hear responses. I'm really excited to color my hair. I used to be a total color addict but it has been sooo long, I can't believe it.


First I have to apologize for not being so active, so many things has been happening to me since school ends!
I also decided to cut my dreads a lil shorter because I am lazy... (bad me)
hehe i weighed my dreads after that (using my mom's measuring scale, haha) and it weighs 57grams! hahahaha

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Have a good week ahead you guys! :D
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I used to be a member here, under a different username,  took my dreads out, time for them again, hopefully to keep this time.
I started with shortish hair, dyed it blonde, then put pink underneath, dreaded, added extensions, and it has been about one month.
Let me know what you all think, but don't be too brutal ;)


the splits

I got a bug up my arse and split a dread. Turns out, my natural part does a wierd little swirly kinda thing right about where the root of the butchered dread was, so the awkward sectioning exposed my scalp and created a bald spot that looks looked like Jesus. It was pretty heavy on my conscious to have Jesus in my hair. Besides, it could get worse. I could wake up one day to find bleeding wounds in my wrists and ankles. Does anyone listen to Clutch? "Don't worry, it's just stigmata. Get me a napkin and don't you dare tell my mother." It's been two days and the new dreads seem okay. Also, I can't see Jesus anymore. *sigh of relief*
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