July 2nd, 2009


So I started dreading up some human hair last night for some dread extentions to add to my 7 month old babies. 2 down 50 more to go! Its taken me a while to decide if i really wanted to add them or not. I feel like im really cheating, but I thought it over and decided that just because they're adoped babies doesnt mean Ill love them any less. right?!

The juice will definitely be worth the squeeze in the end :)

Anyhoo, my sore hands this morning got me thinking about when my 4 best girlfriends did my dreads out on our stoop. I love those girls so much, and am so grateful for them and what they did to my hair :) .
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Crotchet hook in my finger!

Hey guys my name is Donna and i've been a lurker for some time but never had the chance to post before. My dreads are about 5mths now i think was never sure when i started them.  I did my first lot of maintenance today and managed to get my crochet hook stuck in my finger, that's right STUCK so after an hour at the docs and lots of anesthetic i got my crotchet hook back. Can't look at the damn thing now so that'll teach me to leave my damn dreads alone..

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Hi :) Here's a quick update of my one month old? dreads. i managed to bleach it once more with out losing a dread, and colored it with blue and green. I have natural hair roots growing out with the black dreads and really lazy to attempt to do anything.
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