July 4th, 2009


Short dreads?

I've never dreaded my hair when it was short. My last set that stayed in just shy of a year were rather long. I had my hair cut at the start of the summer. I'm really starting to miss my dreads and wish I never took them out. I'm just wondering if my hair looks long enough to start a decent looking set. What do ya'll think? Thanks in advance! (I'm the one on the left. lol)

two years!

my dreads turned two years old today. i decided it was time to take out the majority of my extensions. i'd had them in for six months and i could tell they'd gotten me past the awkward length phase i was trying to avoid, so i carefully removed them. i do still have three left in for my bangs, which are still super short (my hair grows pretty slowly in dreads, i think due to the fact it's so thin). i trimmed the ends on the extensions left in so they'd blend in. i still haven't done any maintenance on my loose hair and they need to be dyed badly. :D

note: i don't usually wear such obnoxious jewelry in my septum, but i've been cooped up this week taking care of the boy post-surgery, so i feel justified. ;)

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baby dreadies with wax in them.

I so wish I'd found this site earlier.  A friend pointed me in your direction.  So, some of my dreads are 2 weeks old, and a few are only 2 days old (took forever to get them all in, my husband putting in 2-3 a night, and skipping nights in between).  We used some knotty boy in my hair, but I'm thinking after reading that it's going to hinder the process and want it out.  We went pretty light on the wax (less than a tablespoon is gone from the jar), but it is still there.  So, should I give it a few days and do the deep cleaning method (incidently, I have only used baking soda and tea tree oil on my hair for the last 5 years - we try to live as free of chemicals as possible. I used to do an apple cider vinegar rinse, but I think I'll be skipping that for a while because it makes the hair smoother).  Or should I just do a deep cleaning asap to get the wax out?  I don't have dawn, but I use seventh generation dishsoap... will that be grease busting enough to break up and remove the wax?  Or should I use Dr. Bronners?

I really don't want to have to comb them all out, but I'm willing to comb out the waxiest ones.

Please help!

Also, how often should I be washing them at the beginning?  My scalp is accustomed to once weekly washings, so oil shouldn't build up too quickly.

Thanks for the help.  Damn that wax.  Money wasted!