July 8th, 2009

Good morning Sunshine!!

Ive been dreading and crocheting extentions to my little bebe dreads for the past week and I finally finished last night ( with the exception of 3 little ones in the back. But ill get to those in due time)

My thumbs literally feel like theyre going to snap off.

But regardless Im very very very happy with the way they turned out!!! WOOO!
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pray for nothing

San Fran...

Will some in the bay area PLEASE come and do some dread maintenance on my head? I don't think I could bare to do all the crochet hooking myself; my poor arms! I can pay and feed you yummy vegan and or raw stuffs so come on over and help:)

New Pic and Vacation!

helped photograph a wedding with a few of my friends this past week or so and one of the other photographers snapped this shot. i also happened to be sporting her latest and greatest pair of earrings that she made for me, so she got a great shot for her website too, where she sells handmade jewelry such as you see here! anywhooooooo...
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other exciting news: we, jonathon, the jenjen, and i will be going on vacation starting sunday morning at 3 a.m. we will be driving to colorado from south texas for a concert @ red rocks in morrison, which is just southwest of denver! after that we must make it back to san antonio, tx in a day and a half to catch another show @ the white rabbit! it will be a most epic trip and we will be accompanied by jen's nikon and jonny's new hd cam-thingy, which hopefully means we will be posting updates along the way! so look for that soon! hope everyone has a great week, weekend and all that jazz! ciao for now.
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