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Advice [10 Jul 2009|03:36am]
My boyfriend had dreads for 5 months and now he doesn't want them anymore. He wants me to comb them out but does anyone have any ideas on how to do this and still save his hair from being cut?
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Extension question [10 Jul 2009|02:41pm]
Is there any reason not to extend non-mature dreads [about 6 months old] when mature dreads [about two years old]? Would it hinder the development? Sorry if this is covered in the memories, I didn't see anything about it.
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Visiting Santa Fe! [10 Jul 2009|04:29pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey y'all!!!

I was wondering if there are any GUDUers in Santa Fe.  I know that feanorthelostis in Albuquerque, because I checked The GUDU Romance Post.  I'll be in town for a week, Sunday through Saturday and was wondering if someone would want to go out for some coffee and maybe show me a couple local neat-o spots!  I'm visiting from Boston and will have a few afternoons to myself when I can just explore.

Or, if you're not available, know of any awesome places I need to visit?  Any cool restaurants, bookstores or thrift shops?

In other news, the dread countdown is at 26 days!

^My first set of dreads at one month, no longer with us. circa August 2008


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W00t! [10 Jul 2009|06:17pm]
My laptop is home from being repaired. I've missed it so...
And the webcam works again! Who wants to cyber? (kidding!)

I blunted the ends of my dreads with a crochet hook in between customers at work today. They look much neater.

Right now I'm at two years, and this is all mine, the extensions are gone. I should put up a timeline.

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[10 Jul 2009|07:38pm]
got a new apartment with eggplantman and bellyflowers so now we're just chillin and trying to find furniture.

I'll probably post more later but just a few (thousand)Collapse )
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Some pics and a question [10 Jul 2009|10:47pm]
My dread babies are 10days old ish (some are older, a couple that I ripped in apart and redid are younger).  I've read through all the memories on crocheting, clockwise rubbing, felting, maintence, but you know, being a noob I worry and need some reassurance that if I leave them alone, they will dread up okay.  Some of them are doing pretty nicely, others are a bit loose at the ends, and some are still pretty poof-ball like.  I have a hard time palm rolling some of them because they are short, so I worry about them.  On the other hand, palm rolling seems to loosen my ends up - anyone else experience that?  Anyway - pics (taken today on my birthday - I'm now 30!).  Don't mind my dirty children.

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Steel Wool [10 Jul 2009|11:14pm]
I did a quick google search and found nothing. I have a friend who said last year she had someone do her dreads. I've heard of the wool-rubbing method, but she said he used steel wool on her hair. He grabbed sections of hair and rubbed steel wool into it until it knotted up. She said they were very thin and tight and looked great right off the bat. She no longer has them so I can't judge whether or not I like the result. Does anyone know anybody who's done this or at least heard of it? I asked her if she ended up with tons of pieces of steel wool in her hair and she said if she did then it all came out when she finally washed her hair.

What's your opinion? If no one has any reasons why it's a bad idea then I might use this method.
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What's goin on! [10 Jul 2009|11:51pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Hello GUDU! I've been meaning to take a few pictures to show you guys. I've also been wanting to wait a bit so that there was something worth showing, but eh...better now than never, right?

I've only been at this a little over 2 months now. Quick progress is fun progress.

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The end!!

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