July 14th, 2009

eternal sunshine

first deep clean!

I did my first deep clean last week. My dread are almost 5 months old. I planned on waiting to post until I had all the pictures from my 4th of july weekend and such but my sister's computer is being fixed by my brother so she can't send them to me yet. So here are the deep clean photos from my phone.

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That was right after the fourth of july and that weekend I had gone up to my grandma's in Gladwin, MI. She lives on a river and I did a lot of swimming. I thought I should deep clean my hair after that, rivers are dirrrrtyyyy.
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afro samurai

Dreads vs. Twist

I have a mini fro going on right now and plan on dreading my hair. But my question is how do I know what technique will get me the best dreads. I heard twisting, backcombing, twist and pin and a few others. Would anyone know which technique would work best with african american, curly, thin hair? Thanks
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