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Dreading Michael's Hair. [15 Jul 2009|12:17am]
I really liked to play in his long curly hair, but he kept asking for dreads, and I finally gave in. I did this over the course of two days- severe backcombing, spiral rolling with aloe gel, and then the Russian technique of pulling from the inside of the dread with a tiny crochet hook. The last step is still not really done on the top section of his hair, but I am done for tonight. The crochet part takes a long time, but definitely gets the dread off to a good firm start.


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5yr Dreadlock Timeline! [15 Jul 2009|01:11pm]
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Heyy, I'm Laura. Long time member, first time poster. I just celebrated my dreads 5th birthday in June. They've certainly come a long way. I decided to celebrate by compiling a picture timeline.
They were started by Alin (http://www.dollylocks.com/) of Hair Police in NYC. ("dread perm")
The lovely and talented simply was my wonderful friend and crochet maintainer in Massachusetts for years before I recently relocated across the country.
I am currently representing dreadheads in academia in the beautiful state of Oregon!
Can anyone recommend someone for crochet style dread maintenance in or around the Portland/Eugene, OR areas?? (the darlings are getting a bit messy, especially since the pool opened)

Anyhow, enough language. Onto the pics !!

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Felting dreads? [15 Jul 2009|10:05pm]
I have very new dreads but decided that I wanted to felt some wool on a few various dreads. I did this with just wrapping the wool roving around the dread instead of using the felting needle. I just used very warm, slightly soapy water on the roving fiber. It has stayed for over a week without any issues. Has anyone else tried this method with success? I figured it would be much easier to remove if it starts stinking or rotting.

My husband doesn't appreciate the dreads. He is a fan of the bright colors of the fake dreads. I really do enjoy the colors, well.
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