July 19th, 2009

The mitten.

I've posted here a few times. Some of you may remember me. I had a set of dreads about 3 or 4 months ago. I only kept them a month. : ( I am ready to try again and put the effort in. But I need some help with the dreading. Is there anyone in Michigan that could help me. I live about 20 minutes south of Flint.


Also, if I were to put rubberbands loosely at the base of baby dreads to keep them under control would that have a bad effect on them in the end?

New dreads!

Hello everyone!
I started reading this community a few weeks before I started my dreads 2 and a half months ago. (The memories were a life saver!) I was going to post an introduction after I started them but a series of unfortunate circumstances involving computers, laptops and cameras stopped me. So I finally decided to just take some pictures with my phone, post them and say hi!
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