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[20 Jul 2009|11:20am]
So, I went back 2 months in this community, and checked the memories, but I couldnt find the post I was looking for.

A few months ago, someone posted asking if there's any dreadies in Rochester, NY area. Several people responded, and I know I did because I'm from Oswego. So, if anyone can either A) direct me to the post, or B) tell me if they're local to that area, that would be awesome, thanks!! Oh, and Syracuse works too.
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[20 Jul 2009|02:09pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Instead of asking for all that, I'll be more specific. If you've decorated your dreads, would you show me, please? I've read pretty far back, but if you haven't posted recently I'd love to see what you've added. :] Even if you have posted recently, go for it.

And I've looked through the memories but I can't seem to find an answer. How big does the fabric need to be for a head wrap? Is it more based on individual preference? Or is there a basic size? I'd like to make some of my own, and it'd be neat to get some ideas before I just start hacking away at my favorite fabrics. :P


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i love them i love them i love them! [20 Jul 2009|05:18pm]
34 months!

moooooooreee pictuuuureees!Collapse )
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