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New to the community/My boyfriends dreads! [24 Jul 2009|01:43am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello all! I have been off and on stalking this community for a while, and I have yet to have my own full head of dreads... but my boyfriend has dreads and I am proud to say that I am the numero uno caretaker! (Well... second to him of course) I am currently the proud mama of one baby dreadie!

But on to the point... I decided to go ahead and post a timeline of my boyfriends dreads and a picture of my dread!

Commence SequenceCollapse )

Thanks for reading!!

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vacation photos [24 Jul 2009|09:03am]
well gudu, it's been a while and LOTS has happened. my husband's mom died, we junked my beloved clunker of a car and work has been insanely stressful. we decided that a vacation was just what we needed to clear our heads! we went up to the adirondack mountains and went mining for herkimer diamonds (rockhounds, unite: woot!) and then took our blindingly white asses down to the jersey shore to soak up some sun.

warning: extremely picture heavy!

here's one to tease you...

the rest are under here!Collapse )
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Post Whore Say What? [24 Jul 2009|02:39pm]
I know I just posted but my hairs were feeling photogenic so I snapped a few quickies. I attempted some detail photos but they didn't work so well so I'll have to wait for whenever the husband feels like helping me out since my camera remote is dead.

Streaky Mirror
May or may not be kissing my new lens. Mmmm.

Some of my year-old nubbinsCollapse )
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dreading my friend's hair. [24 Jul 2009|04:11pm]
I did my friend Sam's hair back in May, but he's since combed them out. This is his third or fourth attempt at dreads [my first time doing them on him] and he always ends up taking them out. This time he said they just wouldn't stay together and ended up just looking like messy hair.

He has thick, strong hair and is kind of like a persian in that there seems to be an entire other layer of short hairs in there as well [that were extremely hard/impossible to get into a dread]. I only had a crappy plastic comb with me, which certainly didn't help things, but I'm fairly determined to try again if he's still up for it, because he likes dreads and they look soso good on him, but it never seems to work out when he gets them done. I told him to get one of his friends to crochet them a bit for him, but I don't think he ever did, and I couldn't keep an eye on them because I live in a whole other city.

I was thinking if I started out with a better comb and had my crochet hook or a sewing needle with me so I could try and catch more of the smaller hairs and tighten them up a bit more from the get-go, then they would stay together better and perhaps he wouldn't be so quick to dismantle them, but I'm looking for advice/support because it was a lot of work and I'm not eager to do it again if he's just the type of person who can't deal with the early stages of dreads. BUT, if improved methods will yield the dreads he's been wanting for so long, then I'm up for the challenge.

After something like 10 hours, a broken comb, and very sore armsCollapse )
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Day 1 - All Natural [24 Jul 2009|04:15pm]
Here we go...

So I have been growing my hair out with the intention of dreading it again. I had dreads roughly two years ago and i bought a kit from dreadhead to do them. The result was an over-waxed itchy mess.

Please continueCollapse )
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WHAT THE HELL! [24 Jul 2009|07:57pm]

5 months

My dreads shrank 3 inches in literally one night. D:Collapse )
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[24 Jul 2009|11:37pm]
i don't recall who commented recently about "dreadheads: portrait of a subculture", but that's how i spent the last hour & i really enjoyed it.

it was a surprisingly good documentary, all things considered - though they didn't (as far as i could tell) interview any sxe dreadheads, we were at least mentioned as existing. they touched on a lot of things other than the stereotypes, too, & the varied sets shown were gorgeous.

oddly enough, i also recognized dreadhead redhead, who has apparently deleted her iam page - as she spoke in this 2006 film about cutting off her locks on her wedding night, perhaps the deletion is related. she had a wonderful natural red set with blonde tips, but it seems no pics of them exist on the net anymore, so i'm not going to post any.

anyhow, i recommend you see it.
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1111111111 [24 Jul 2009|11:41pm]
[ mood | okay ]

One week.


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