July 25th, 2009

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New girl :P

Hello all!

I have spent the last.. 3-4 weeks surfing the memories, the interwebs, and driving my friends nuts thanks to girlecho26 who put the dreading bug back into my brain lol. Anyway - I still have a few questions though that have not been covered.

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Anyway, I am very excited and still reading everything in the memories. Next weekend my hair is getting dyed (bottom blue and top black) then hopefully if my friend is free that weekend or the weekend after its dread time :D Going to leave the front bit alone (fringe and back a little) cause I have to look like Business Barbie at work, and we plan to start it out with back combing and putting NOTHING else in it. The local "pro" suggested lots of wax and palm rolling, or she could do it for me for £230 (not happening, I don't have insanely thick hair anymore and it doesn't even touch my shoulders!) so yeah. My friend has never done dreads before, but we're going to rent movies and make a weekend of it.  Planning on thinnish dreads, and probably sectioned since I need to look tidy and "respectable" lol. If I get stuck or we can't manage it I've got louloucazoo in Manchester who has kindly offered to bail me out if I screw it up lol.

And I know they wont look neat and tidy when starting, so will probably wear a hat/scarf at work until they settle down into mature dreads. Always have a back up plan lol

Anyway, sorry for the stupid overly giddy post. I've been wanting to do this for years haha.