July 28th, 2009

Dread Help in PA?!?

Hi everyone, I just joined the community as Lish suggested.  I have read a bunch of posts and looked around, but I am in some desperate help for some GOOD dread maintenance around the PA (Harrisburg/Philadelphia) area.  My 3 year old dreads are beautiful, but loose hairs are suddenly taking over!  In this humid weather, the frizz is just unbearable.  Can anyone refer me to someone who really knows the right way to do this type of maintenance? 
I look forward to posting more in the future... and reading more from you all.  Thanks in advance!!

One week

Made it through the first week. The Texas humidity makes my head itch after like 2 days... so I've washed them like every 3, followed by lots of palm rolling and root rubbing. Anyone else in Austin?
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