July 30th, 2009

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helpers in Ventura, CA?

hey everyone. I haven't been active here in a long, long time, but I've really missed having dreads. Alot. However, I have a problem with someone helping me to start up-I'll backcomb till my arms fall off, but sectioning is something I seem to have a big problem with. I cannot section my own hair very well and I know that sectioning is a crucial part of starting dreadlocks. I combed out my last set due to horrific sectioning. If there is anyone located in or near the San Fernando Valley in California or near Ventura, I would be so happy if you could help me section and start my dreads once again. I can pay you in baked goods or cash. If you like I could also trade-dreadlock starting for knitting tutelage?

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i was just browsing through my old photobucket. and it made me realize i used to be wayyy cuter than i am now. i want to change my hair colour. i have not dyed my hair in over a year, and i'm actually kind of nervous to do so!

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Vacation and Bridal Party

Last week I chrocheted sugarcoatedlie's dreads. Then I promptly left my camera at my boy thing's house. So those pictures will come later! (Rumor is she has birthday pics, so maybe they will show up)

I went to Ecuador tho! My friend evrymeevryyou is an archeologist working on a project in Cayumbe, and he goes out a week early. I asked if I could join him. Here are some of the more dready pictures! And vegitarian warning: I ate a guinea pig and took pics... so skip this if that would make you ill...

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They are about... 2 and 1/2 months old? I guess. They were all started over the course of a month... Except for the patch that isn't dreaded yet at the nape of my neck.