July 31st, 2009

Regret brushing out dreads

I only had my dreads for a few months.. then I brushed them out mostly because my head was itching like crazy. My sister caught me in a moment of weakness and convinced me to take them out. I didn't backcomb them tightly enough anyway... but I still miss them so much.

But I don't want to spend hours upon hours backcombing again only to end up going insane with dandruff again. I used tea tree shampoo (I don't know how much of a difference there is between that and just the oil) it didn't help that much though. But when I combed them out they.. eh, didn't smell that pretty. I did occasionally use small amounts of DreadHead wax so I don't know if that caused it?
I would love to have dreads again. And there are a few things I would do differently. I just need to know how to control the itchy madness.
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1 year

My dreadies turned 1 year on the 19th. Unfortunately I don't have a timeline, but I'm planing on making one soon. I didn't have internet for the longest time, so I haven't been able to post or anything for the past two months.

Here's a few pictures.

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Tonight Show with Knife Thrower

I didn't see anyone else post this but I might not have looked far enough back. If its been posted feel free to delete it. I was watching last night's Tonight Show and Conan had a knife thrower on. The knife thrower's assistant had lovely, long, blonde dreads. I figured it would be appreciated here. Plus, the knife throwing is sexy.

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I'm very new to this, and to be honest I'm not a dreaddy yet. But it's only because I still have questions! And I figured I'd trust you guys more than anyone else to answer my dread questions ;)

1. I heard that going all natural, as in no products at all, is the best way to keep your hair and scalp healthy when you have dreads. But are there still some products that are good to have? Like locking accelerator?

2. How much length do you lose when you dread? I've heard that people can lose 'anywhere from 1 inch to half the length', but the source never said which is more likely...My hair is about collarbone length, with some layers but it's growing out. I want to dread, but I don't want my dreads to be itty bitty so I have no problem letting it grow out until I have enough hair to keep proper dreads...

3. My hair has been bleached in the past and still retains a bit of damage from repeated bleachings. Should I get one of those dead-end treatments or whatever those things are that you buy at the drug story that fix up your hair? Or does it not really matter?

4. What would be the best shampoo to use? Tea-tree is mentioned a lot, is that preferable to a simply residue-free shampoo? I don't want to buy something that is going to ruin my dreads. I don't have any problems with itchy scalp or dandruff, so it's really just about the dreads.

5. I used to always have my hair in bright colours, and in the future I think I'd like to have some bright dreads. I've seen other people with them, but does it affect the dreads badly? I wouldn't think so, but I don't want to go to bleach one and have it come entirely unraveled @A@

I'm really most concerned about questions 1 & 2 initially. The other ones are kinda secondary :p

Sorry I ask so many questions! I just hate making a decision when I don't have all the facts, and FAQs don't seem to be helping.

Thank you all for your time! I hope I will get my dreads in the next couple months, and when I do get them I will be sure to post here :) Thank you all again!!