August 2nd, 2009


Hello people :) a few recent pics..they're still growing!! i work in a healthfood shop and i get comments on my hair every day, usually from women, the other day a hair dresser wanted to touch them, i thought they'd be a hairdressers worst nightmare! i always get asked, "is that your real hair" and "how long have you had them?!" a relative yesterday didnt seem to grasp that they are permanent.."so how often do you take it out of the dreadlocks?" lol. kids are funny, often hear "mummy that lady has really long hair!"

most of these pics are from a local festival, Onionfest, set up in memory of a local girl Charlotte (who had cool dreads!) who sadly died in the asian tsunami. the festival raises money to send children in the affected areas to school.

red face! really hot doing litterpicking in the sunshsine. the weather had been shite and wet all week but the sun shone for onionfest!

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recently i have been doing the basket weave thing as i saw in one of chescaleigh 's videos :) love it! makes my hair look really good at the front :D will have to play around some more and take some pics. also been adding quite a few posts to my memories with cool styles i want to try! you're so inspiring gudu people!! also, in perevious posts of mine ive been slack at replying to comments but i always love the comments i get so thanks for anyone who has previously commented! and if anyone wants to be lj friends then add me cos i've got back into using it a lot more recently and would love some cool new lj friends :D nice to meet new ppl =)
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T-Gel Smell

So, I know quite a few of you with dandruff use T-Gel, I've been using it for about 2.5 months now with my dreads, and I really love it and have no real complaints about the way it works. It just smells...weird and no matter how long I rinse the stuff, or if I dilute it, my hair still smells like it a little afterwards, even after it dries for a day or two. It's not that big of a deal, it's just a minor thing, but I don't like my hair smelling like dog flea shampoo. So, for those of you that use it, does the smell bother you? And do you have any way to get to go away?

The bottle says "New and Improved Smell!" which  makes me worried as to how it smelled beforehand, haha.

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Almost 12 months!!

Surprisingly enough I have add enough time to take some pictures of my dreads even though I have been crazy busy with getting things ready for my wedding on Friday and I discovered I can take flippy pictures of them! haha

I have also been thinking lately, as much as I miss my curly/wavy soft thin hair, I love my dreads even more and I hope to one day say they are 10 years old and have gone through everything I have gone through together. They deffantly symbolize to me how my life has changed and even though there are those rough patches in life, theres always something nice that comes out after its all done and over with. So to me my dreads symbolize my life and all that I have gone through and all that I will still be going through and even in the end there will always be something beautiful and good about what has happened in my life. I also to hope to show my children my dreads which I am sure will happen because I aint getting rid of them for anyone.

Anywhhoooo I am done blabbing!
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Hello, folks. New to the community and thought I would say hello.

My name is Angelé, but everyone calls me Angel. Not many people can correctly say my name without practice, sadly; so Angel works juuust fine. I got my dreads about a week ago and so far, I love them! They seem to be slowly but surely knotting well on their own.. I pretty much just leave them be to become dreads. My mister used to have dreads 6 years ago, and has instructed me to just leave 'um. I have learned a lot from the community already through memories and reading through past posts. Thank you all very much! ^^;

Hopefully I'll get balls-y enough to post some pictures of myself here at some point.
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