August 6th, 2009


i miss my dreads.
i'm not girly enough to do my hair everyday.
wash and condition.
put shit in it.

like...i miss having not to do anything, but still feeling beautiful.
i asked my now current boyfriend (THOUSAND times better from the douchebag i was with for a year and 2 months) what he thinks about dreads, and while he likes my current hair, he said he wouldn't mind if i had dreads, which is the most comforting thing to hear for me :)

i think i might go the backcombing route this time...but i'm not sure how to go about doing it. i mean, of course i know HOW to do it, i've read the memories and such for months now...but i'm kinda scared to do it myself.? hahaha

anyone around in massachusetts up for doing it? :D

The light flickers gently across my walls and material things.

My research group took Wednesday off and went to a Padres day game against the Braves, which was just phenomenal. Don't get me wrong, San Diego has a horrible team, but just watching the emotional landscape of the game being played out hundreds of feet below... It was a far more amazing experience than images on a TV screen can convey. Later my labmate took a photo of me as I was looking over downtown San Diego contemplating the world. My locks look a lot lighter than they appear normally, but the sun was setting and cast a wonderful light across everything.

lost butterfly


So for a long time I've been considering dreadding my hair, the thing im really concerned about is not being able to take them out if I needed to... That and I have no ideaaaa how to dread my hair. Is there anyone in the pittsburgh area, or just someone whose willing to befriend and converse about how to achieve dreads... ? Right now my hair is blue, which I really like, but I wouldn't mind going back to brown to do the dreads?
thanks guys/gals!
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Upstate NY Dreadheads

Sorry if this is a repost

I was jus wondering who out there is a fellow dreadhead from Upstate NY.. I know we are a rare breed but I do know there is some of us out there.

Anyways here is a pic of the dreads celebrating 2 years and 10 months... No plan anytime to cut them
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