August 10th, 2009

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i'm interested to hear what you guys do for a living, please share pics of you in yoru work space if possible i'm just curious. i have 3 parttime jobs- the aquarium (tourguide, animal husbandry ect), i'm also a paraprofessional at a special school (mostly dealing with 16 yr old autistic kids), and i'm also a crafter which surprisingly takes up A LOT of my time. i think having dreads has seriously affected my work experiences- for one, the kids in all these environments approach me differently than other people, i guess because i'm perceived to be a more "liberal and fun" person. having this unique hairstyle has openned up conversation easier and has also allowed for more connections with people who are interested in art or natural science. so to conclude this entry, i'd like to say that dreads have not prevented me from getting job, and in fact, they have enhanced my work and made me a more memorable person to the staff, kids, tourists, ect.

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At long last...

New member and dreadhead-in-the-making here. I probably talk too much for a n00b, but there are pictures too, so. Um. Hi!

I've thought dreadlocks one of the best-looking things you can put on your head for, oh, at least 15 years (1994, my first and only celebrity crush on a soccer football player. *snrk*). Have wanted them for myself on and off for maybe ten years. Never was quite the right time until a few months ago, though.

I did them on my own, so I've been roaming the web, trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible before getting started. The memories of this community is the best resource I've come across yet. 'S been a gradual process, with the very first one starting to take shape in February, a few started a couple of months ago or so, and the bulk being only two to three weeks old.

This was yesterday. It was a good day.

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Since starting my dreads, I have also found out that, contrary to my expectations, I have been accepted to the school of my choice (propmaking, hells yes!). So with that and the dreads I'm quite excited about life atm. *grin*
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Dreads, week 3.

Finally, some pictures. Well, sorta.. Only like, two.. But I'm on week three of having my dreads. Basically; have done nothing to them. I un-flatten them once a day and mist them in the morning with salt water.

Now to remember how to LJ-cut.

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