August 11th, 2009


New Dreads...take two.

So about two months ago I started dreads.

Things just went bad, from about day 1.  So out came the conditioner and a sturdy brush and out went the dreads.  I gave my scalp a bit of rest and started again on Friday.

I hit the internet again, read more, and tried a slightly different approach and after 3 days and a world of hurt (my wrists are still aching, bah) I have new dreads.  Already, dreaded than my previous attempt even after about 3 weeks into them that first time...heck, they got *worse* as time progressed rather than better.  This pic is from last night, right after finishing them all (123 of them, best I can count...) and spraying them with a bit of salt water.

With my first attempt, first day of waking up after finishing them, I had about...oh, 25 of them that had just completely come undreaded overnight.  Mostly around the nape of my neck, over my ears, and my bangs. 

This morning?  No change at all from last night.

Awww yeah, I'm on it now.

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Well guys, I've got some sad news.  I brushed out my dreads.  I've been doing so over the course of the past month or so.  It hurt like hell, and I was really sad to see them go, but it is quite nice to have "normal" hair again.  It took me about an hour for each dread. I let the salon that I got them done in use wax ONE time when very first starting them, and I didn't use it again after that, yet even after several deep cleans there was still wax residue nearly two years later. Let that be a lesson to anyone thinking about using it!!! My best friend is getting married in September, and I am a bridesmaid which is one reason why I decided to get rid of them.  Mind you, my friend is wonderful and she would not have asked me to do such a thing, but I could tell she was a bit worried as to what I would do with them for the wedding.  I suppose I just kind of felt like it was time.  I don't regret for a second getting them, and I loved them for the entirety of the nearly two years that I had them.  I will make a timeline soon, and show some proper after pictures, but for now here are two pictures when I was at the half way point and I had a wonderful dread mullet type hairdo!
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