August 12th, 2009


back to school

today was my first day back to school after a summer that was much too short and we all know how malicious high-school kids can be. i woke up this morning and was completely unsure of how the day would go, so i went for some coffee to keep me in good spirits. i was expecting some rude comments and not too much positive feedback, i knew i would have to keep myself on a positive page, but surprisingly enough my new knots were hardly criticized at all. i heard a few baldies call me a 'tweaker' and a few of those straight hair blondies direct the term 'psycho' in my direction, but i kept my head held high and took in positive praise from the loving hearts around me who are always seeming to support my sometimes non-conventional decisions. someone even came up to me after school on my way out to the car and told me 'i dont normally like dreads, but i think your hair looks very exotic and its very flattering on you.' haha
today is my 12th day(i officially finished on the first after a week and a half of here and there with sore arms) on this journey and i am very pleased with every ounce of positive energy i have been able to embrace, store, and surround myself with. even my stepmom, the neatfreak, and my stepsister, the bored out of her guts i love you to death girl, have been continuously offering to do some matienence on my loose and fuzzy hairs, but i quite enjoy this crazy, fuzz, matted, mess on my head. i think this is the only the prime of my development and i am extremely pleased.
although i don't have a camera or any pictures of my hair at the moment, i'd just like to remind all the new knotty heads like myself to keep that beautifully knotty head up high and remind yourself why you've sailed out of the marina into the big blue sea of open-mindedness, whenever you're unsure of yourself.

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day one to day five of a nervous newbie

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Anyway, took about 3-4 hours with a flea comb and some good girly chat. I've really done nothing with it since except for the aloe, and kinda worried about washing it tonight, but its a little desperate. The shampoo I have makes fantastic knots though so hopefully watered down it will do the same haha. Going to make a salt spray (1/4tsp to 8oz water like I do for SSS) and see if going 3 days no wash, spray, then another 3 days without washing will do it. The front undreaded half is getting washed every other day as normal, I just wear a shower cap over the rest.

Sorry for the tldr, I am excited :) Hopefully everything looks like it should to you guys! It feels well knotted, but I do have a good inch of root that has done nothing on all of them, hopefully it will sort itself in the next few weeks :D I love my hair lol

ETA: hair washing fear was unfounded it seems, they seem tighter after washing, but I've palmrolled them and backcombed one or two a little more just in case. I am worried about doing to much but not enough :/ the two little bottom ones did crap out on me, but after drying them some they seemed to re-group on their own, as they are so short I think I am just going to wait them out lol