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just a few [14 Aug 2009|10:36am]
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A question post! [14 Aug 2009|01:53pm]
 I was reading back in the memories because I have really short hair (2 inches at shortest, 3-4 inches at longest) right now and am planning to start a set of dreads. I thought that the easiest way to do this would be to braid it and let it eventually start growing out into a dread, which the memories confirmed would be an okay idea, but in the cases in the memories it seems that people just cut off the braided part once a nice dread had been established. What I'm wondering is, could you not just unbraid the braided part once a good dread has started growing out from the roots and then back comb the previously dreaded section? Or could you unbraid it, then, and then just let it hang out on its own until it started dreading up, too?
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Just curious.... [14 Aug 2009|02:09pm]
Do you count your dreads age by the first dreads you created, or the ones that were finished last?
For example, I initially backcombed almost 6 months ago, but I later resectioned some a month later, ripped some apart at month 4, and brushed some out a few weeks ago. I consider them 6 months old, but some aren't as mature as others.

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Open says a me. Here comes HEATHER ANNE. [14 Aug 2009|03:17pm]

Dreadies are now 1 month! (And freshly rolled by my wonderful boyfriend Larry.)


Okay I have another question I really couldn't find the answer for in the memories.
Here goes.. I can't drive. I don't know how to drive, and I don't have a car. I do, however, have bike. So, I'm bike riding daily running errands, seeing friends, job hunting. I sometimes wear my hair back in a ponytail or I sometimes just leave it down. Now, what would be best for my hair, wearing it up or wearing it down? I'm not sure if wind has any effect on it in any sort of way.
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