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Six month timeline. [17 Aug 2009|04:43am]
[ mood | awake ]



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Its official. [17 Aug 2009|11:36am]
Im a fatty!

late night tommys runs, birthday parties and fun times! yes thats a bib! AND WHAT.Collapse )
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Timeline! [17 Aug 2009|02:08pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

My 4 year dreddie anniversary has inspired me to make a long delayed update!

My friend has my camera so I have been unable to take any pics for the last few months, so the recent ones I have are party ones and very unflattering! :D But regardless, a timeline you shall have!


Baby dreads at 2 weeks

Click for timelineCollapse )

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On the timeline bandwagon! [17 Aug 2009|03:52pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hey knotty people, I've been noticing how long my hair has gotten lately and have been taking quite a few pictures this summer. So why not make a timeline?Collapse )

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dancing in the sunshine [17 Aug 2009|06:38pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I apologize if this was posted on already but I didn't see it in the memories. Anyone have any thoughts/experiences/advice on lightening locks with lemon juice??

Much love to you all :)

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At a loss.. GUDU i ask your opinion.. [17 Aug 2009|08:46pm]
Hey fellow gudu members..

I am facing a dilemma..

My dreads are currently 18 months old btw..

As two of my friends pointed out when going trough my dreads, they noticed that they sectioning wasnt very well done when my dreads were started. Which is true since it was done by someone who didnt have a lot of experience (her first time making dreads on someone).

Most of my dreads are knotted in eachother by the root. It is hard to determine where one dread starts and where another one starts..

One friend of mine, who has dreads of his own, said that if he would do the maintenance for me it would be very long (and painful) for me.. and would probably take a couple of days to do that and seeing he doesnt live nearby thats a bit impossible for me.

Now i am not entirely sure what to do... should i get a maintenance done by someone (if i end up finding someone here in Germany) or should i brush my dreads out and start a fresh new set with good sectioning..?


pictures of said dreadmess below hereCollapse )
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