August 18th, 2009

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Hello everyone.. Just an update.. my dreads are now 7 months old...

I havent done anything to them for about 4 mths now.. =)

Take care everyone.. keep posting them dreads ok!
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timeline and catchup. its been 20 months...

My dreads were born in 2007 and its completely mad to think of it that way. It feels like I've always had them but at the same time not at all. I don't think I can see myself ever doing anything else to my hair... so I should think they'll be staying then.

I feel poo because I've been so busy and so uninvolved in the community where as it used to be a regular thing but I haven't had a camera in aaaages and things kept coming up and changing my life completely.

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Foam parties?

.... from a lurker of quite some time, I've finally come out to say hello to such a lovely community!
Anyhow, I was wondering if any of you have had a negative experience with your dreads and foam parties. I shall be attending one this Friday!
Should I be cautious?  My dreads are now 14 months old.

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riders on the storm

washed my dreads yesterday, with peppermint dr. bronners liquid soap, mmm they feel good and fresh,,and they feel lighter! and they look better :) wrapped them in a towel for a while, then mainly dried them sittin in the sun as it was a lovely day :) gave them a quick blow dry too before i went out. haven't washed them for almost a year...they never need it really. last time i washed them was cos i got mud in them at a festival, this time for a freshen up.

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hope everyone is cool :) xxx