August 19th, 2009

Welcome to the jungle...

 I finally took the plunge this past weekend after scouring this community for months...
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They're actually sitting down a little bit here, they were sticking up like crazy the first day. 

These aren't the greatest pics - hopefully I'll be able to post more soon...I'm pretty new to LJ and this is my first post ever, so sorry if I'm breaking any rules.

Just wanted to say thanks to all those posting on here, the info has been soo helpful.

Hair length and dreading vs. waiting

I've been on this community for 3 yrs, read alot of memories, have had two sets of dreads, but been away for awhile... I cut off my dreads about a year ago and regretted it immediately, but i had *ALOT* of bleach damage due to having purple hair at the time, and breakage, and it was really necessary to start over with a healthy base. I've been growing my hair out since to get them back. Well sort of, I did break down and get it cut into a style. I currently have an a-line bob that is about to the chin in front and shorter in back, too short at the base for dreads obviously. however i think the top & front should be fine, despite being layered - which I've gathered is a pain in the @ss to dread in some ways, but oh well I really want them so I'll deal. I think that given my current 'do I'd have to leave the bottom back undreaded til it grew out, and was wondering just how ugly that would look in the months it would take to grow the back out - has anyone here done that, as in perhaps growing out an undercut to dread? Just looking for some encouragement here. I know from reading the mems that hair should be *at least* 4 inches and preferably 6 to dread, mine is anywhere from 6-8 so I know I'm ok with that. However I would like to go back and re-read the memories with regards to shorter dreads and cannot for the life of me figure out which section covers that, as there is not one labeled "short hair", and I looked extensively throughout the other areas without much luck. Can someone point me in the right direction? Also anyone who cares to comment/post pics with their *personal experiences* and pics with shorter dreads or dreads in layered hair would be helpful.

I'm currently 4 months pregnant and my hair is growing like a weed, and it would be nice if the maturing was well along by the time the baby came. Would you go ahead and dread if you were me, and deal with the new growth later, or would you wait til it all grew out? I've just waited so long to get my dreads back, and don't want to wait a moment longer.

In closing, here's a pic of me currently (hair is flipping up in front so it looks shorter than it is, and my bangs are actually longer than that as well)

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a few questions if some could kindly help me...

ok so this is my total first post been such a lurker for so long
i do really want real dreads and have done for as long as i can remember but its just taking  THAT  step,
i always wear synth dreads and hubby doesnt like them, as they are rough and prickly so how do your partners feel about them, you know like in intimate moments when they like to run their hands through your hair lol do they feel rough and scratchy
and also headlice........ yes those horrid critters how do you deal with them if you get them and how do you know if theyve truly gone, ive been told something abouut vinegar along time ago, so had anyone had experince of these visitors, these are the main things holding me back from doing them
oh and how long after you put them in can you dye your hair?
thanks so much to anyone if you can help

pie eating contest..

good news: i passed my first ASL test with flyin colors, i love sign language! i made a Narnian today in ceramics, i've decided that's all i'm making this year, im going to fill my room with them =]  i won the pie eating contest(that was actually just whipped cream on a  paper plate) at lunch and got a class shirt, JUNIOR PRIDE!  haha

bad news: somewhere on the journey that started with driving my entire face into a plate full of whipped cream to find bubble gum and ended with a whipped cream fight, my entire body, including my small children extending from my head, was covered in whipped cream.
i did a crazy wash as soon as i got home, but i still stink like spilt milk on carpet.
my knots are only a month old and im worried about this can of whipped cream in my head becoming a disaster in the future and continuing to be a smelly mess right now. do you think its too early for a deep clean? should i just wait a few days to see if the smell goes away?
no pictures yet, but im sure ill be shown & sent a million and two tomorrow

thank you all for your imput!
stay knotty boys, girls, and everyone in between and beyond!
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