August 20th, 2009

Maintenance! HELPPP

Alright so when I DO decide to do some maintenance I am going to need all the help I can get. My hubby can only do so much and same with me.

Soo I was wondering if there was anyone one in the GTA (Ontario) that can possibly help with maintance on my dreads in about 3-4 months?? I can drive to you, pay you with baked goods/maybe some cash if you wouldn't mind helping a fellow dread head out. :)

And so its not only text...

My roots, which I just got told look horrible messy:( and I thought they looked pretty good.

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Whats up GUDU community... first time posting here. I always wanted to grow some dreads and for about a month I was broke and decided the last thing I needed to spend money on was a haircut (our ancestors did it way before us so whats the big deal right?).

I tried finding information about dreads to find out the best way for me to begin the process and GUDU was the best source, and I want to thank everyone for their help. So in return here are some pics of my fro before and then 3 weeks of doing nothing to my hair and letting it dread.

Also, since this is my first time dreading my hair any advice would be appreciated...
Heres the pics:

Before: Fro and sister

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Slighty OT but no email notifications?

I had turned off my email notifications for GUDU awhile back and now that Im going to be dreading again I tried turning them back on. Well I'm not getting anything! I used to get an email every time someone made a new post, now I can't get it to do that! Does anyone know what could be wrong - do I have to be a paid member now to do that or something?

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I posted a couple of days ago HERE about whether to wait or not to dread my hair up... well I've decided, I've had *enough* of this damn brushable hair. I am sick to death of *having* to blowdry every day in order for it to look half normal, of the daily washing so I don't get an oil slick, of the $40 spent on haircuts every 6-8 weeks. I *hate* my hair, I really do... I feel drab and normal and like I just blend into the crowd. I loved my dreads sooooooooo much when I had them before. Back thenI felt so sexy, so unique, so artsy, it really was a reflection of the inner me, and this hair just is NOT. So I think I'm going to start the process this weekend. I asked my hubby if he'd section my hair for me, he was kinda "meh"... he seemed to like my dreads well enough when I had them before, but doesn't really want me to do it this time. He has this thing where when we're cuddled up, he likes to "twirl" my hair around his fingers, kinda a weird comfort thing I guess, as he used to do it to his own hair before cutting it short for business. Anyway I told him I'm dreading it anyway lol... I just hope he'll help with sectioning as it will take me FOREVER and I'll still probably get it all crooked. I have done dreads just fine on over a dozen people but for some reason I'm all thumbs when it comes to getting the sectioning straight on myself lol.

So now I have my trusty Dreadhead HQ metal dread comb, my peppermint Dr Bronners (though I can't decide if that or dishsoap would be more drying??? any opinions? my hair is soooooooo uncharacteristically oily lately with the pregnancy, and I need to make sure its totally stripped) Maybe a deep cleaning treatment would help? I also have lemon juice and sea salt, and am considering spraying some of that on before dreading to see if it roughs up my super soft, fine, slippery hair some. I can't wait and wish I could start tonight!!!

To close and so this isnt text only, here are a few pics from my first set of dreads 4 yrs ago (mind you i was about 50 lbs heavier here, so keep that in mind)


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A GUDU meet-up!

My David and I live in northern Vermont and travelingrl and her David live in upstate NY. We're about 3 1/2 hours apart and we've been talking about meeting up eventually. They come up our way a few times a year and it hasn't worked out till now.

They came over last night for dinner and our Davids got along great and it was amazing how much they both had in common. Dawn and David are just as adorable in real as they are online. The only thing that I would have done differently is that I wish they could have stayed longer, but they've promised that next time, that'll happen.

Dawn's David took out his guitar and played for my kids, my niece and nephew (who were spending the night) and the neighbor boy. We talked, played pool, ate yummies and had a grand old time. Can't wait till they can come again.

Of course, we had to get pics:

David and Dawn (on the left), myself and my David on the right.

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