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Halp. [22 Aug 2009|12:54pm]

I need help, dreadies!  My new dreads...second attempt...they are turning me into a complete NARCISSIST. 
Every time I catch a glimpse of a mirrored surface, I have to stop and look!  Heck, even if one is not in my direct field of vision, I find myself wanting to go and look at a mirror at random times of the day.  And just stare at the baby dreads.  And maybe fluff them a little.  Or tilt them this way or that way.  And look at the sides, and get another mirror so I can see the back...

What can I do to stop this madness!!!

(This post brought to you out of sheer giddiness at how my dreads are progressing.  And here's the pic that really started it, I asked my husband to take this, it was about 4 days after completing my set and I saw the pic and literally said out loud "Holy shit, it looks like I have dreads!"  To which my husband promptly responded "Uh, honey...you do have dreads."  I was all squee because my last attempt...it never really looked like dreads, even after 3 weeks, just really bad bedhead, so I'm all GAAHHH!!! excited now.  teehee)

I can haz dreads. With swirly ends...but still dreads!Collapse )

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Bangs [22 Aug 2009|08:26pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

So some of these shots really suck; web cam.

I cut off 3 front dreads, brushed them out (with a fork!... I had no comb) and added them to some of my lower, side dreads. I couldn't really part with them.


I basically looked like this most days. You can sorta see the front dreadies I sacrificed.

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