August 26th, 2009

i <3 derby

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So my friend recently came over to take some pictures of me with the focus being on my dreads. They are nearing 9 months and yes I have the sides buzzed, but they've gotten shaggy which is how I like them.

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Weird question about washing while installing

I'm sure some of you have run into this problem before... but I've been working on my dreads for a few days now, just have had little time to do them between packing to move (we're buying a house) and getting the kids ready to start school next week. So it's do a dread, then work for awhile... do another dread, work for awhile lol. Anyway, I'll get to the end of them eventually. The only thing is, that since it's been 3 days, the undreaded hair is getting quite oily, and as we all know greasy hair does not knot well. The dreaded hair seems fine, which is typical for me, my hair just seems to produce less when dreaded, either that or it just stays AT the scalp b/c the knots keep it from traveling down the hair shaft, so less noticeable. So I really need to figure out a way to wash the undreaded hair so it will be nice and clean and knot up well, all while somehow not wetting the baby dreads, since they are so fragile and water is bad at first. Anyone have any ideas? I tried shower cap/bag on the head but it doesn't work so well since the dreads are at odd places on my head, not all in one spot that can be easily covered.

I didn't see this in the memories since its kind of an odd question, so I hope it's ok to post.

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Hey everybody! I haven't really had internet this summer, and have been busy beside I suppose. My dreads are getting pretty long, and will be 4 this October. I think they've grown 3 or 4 inches!

Those earrings are homemade. :)

I love cooking with local produce!