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ugh - dread tying [27 Aug 2009|01:56pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I know that dreads can and will be lumpy and bumpy and all kinds of interesting shapes in the process of forming, and that's perfectly normal. however i came across these on a professional dread site, and i believe that the strange indentations all along the length are a prime example of what happens when you band off or tie dread bases, as the site plainly advertises that that's what they do... notice the pattern to the dents, every half inch to an inch or so, from the repeated "maintenance" every few months. From what I've read, this causes weak spots in the dreads, or parts where it just never dreads.

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Dready winter hat [27 Aug 2009|05:18pm]
Hello all. I just thought I'd post the hat I just finished. It's just an all cotton beanie with the top lopped off for my dreadies to come through. I sewed a vegan-leather (A) on there and stuck some found feathers in there.

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