August 29th, 2009

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Doing a stranger's dreads

At my job on campus (recycling in the residence halls) I was approached by a girl who said I had very nice dreads. I told her thanks and she told me she wanted them but couldn't figure out how to do it herself. I told her I did a few friends' sets, then she asked if I would do hers. I gave her my phone number and so we had a phone conversation yesterday.
But I told her I would like some kind of compensation, either a barter of some kind or money if she prefers. Well, she got pissed and said she didn't have any money. But she expected me to spend my entire Saturday doing her hair for nothing? When I don't know her?
My question is this: am I being rude by asking for payment? I gave her a modest figure - $50 - and an alternative like she could make me some goddamn food or whatever, but she still was pissed and kind of like "well forget it."
How have others handled this?

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 Today I had a customer who humiliated me in front of a co worker and a few other customers.

He was an older man, in a wheelchair. I've seen him many times before and he's always been nice to me. Today, though, I was ringing up his items and he looks at me and says, 'What is God's name is in your hair?', really loudly. Everyone in line as well as my coworker all laughed. It was fucking embarrassing.

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