September 3rd, 2009

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Looked around on the momories. If I missed anything please let me know.. :)

I was just curious.. I have gone 'no-poo' for years. Using baking soda as 'shampoo' and for the past 3 months using nothing. My head got used to it and no longer seems to get greasy..

I was wondering: Can I use some lather from my Tom's All Natural Unscented soap diluted in water for my dreads? Think it would leave residue? It's all I have for any kind of soap.

Anyhelp would be nice. :>
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i've had my dreads for about a week and a half, and my head is itching like no other and dandruff is gathering everywhere on top of my head. i also have a problem. perhaps.... at a few of my dreads at the roots, they are just straight hair and not dreaded at all, just at the roots. i stopped using wax about two days in, but i dont know what to do about the straight haired roots. they dont seem to be getting better or worse. i had my hair done backcombed. does anyone have any advice on what i shall do? 
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well hi thar! i'm a newbie and this is my first post here, just wanted to say gudday and put up some pics for an early-on post, to keep track of my progress as my dreads mature. these are my baby dreads, less than two weeks old, and i love them so much i seriously have no words.

am a little sick at the moment, so forgive the pale zombie face.

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and a big thanks to the whole community, for all the info and help thus far! i've only been lurking till now, but i love reading about all your stories, seeing your timelines and the amazing pics. i check daily for updates, it's like an addiction!


hey everyone. im bob and i just signed up here because i needed some guidance. im on my third set of dreads and im goin all natural this time. the other two were backcombed. that was in 9th grade and then again in 11th grade for a year each.  back then it was just a hairstyle to me.  the reas9on im goin natural this time is because it just seems more wholesome to me and its starting to become more of a spiritual thing too.  ive been letting my hair dread for prolly 6 or 8 months now, and i have a bunch of nice tight ones in the back and a couple right in the front that i kinda helped along by rip n twist. i wash them once a week sometimes once every two weeks with dr. bronners. well im trying not to ramble so ill post my questions somewhere else here, but i just thought i would introduce myself. ill post some pictures of my knots really soon

Long enough?

I know from the memories that hair only technically has to be 2-4 inches long to dread, but that's just for it to be physically possible for the hair to dread. They end up being little nubs at that length. I'm looking more for the ideal length where they'd be long enough to lay down flat. Here's a video I made tonight of myself:

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