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Summer Summary through Photos! [06 Sep 2009|04:01am]
How quickly time does fly! I hope everyone had as quality of a summer as I. Many good times have been had and photographed! Many of which contain dreads. Also, a couple tidbits to share:
-Someone asked me repeatedly if I had a Whoopie Goldberg obsession.
-Someone repeatedly tried to sell me Phish tickets, despite me telling him numerous times that I did not listen to Phish.
-A kid I play soccer with regularly asked me if I take my dreads out every night when I go to sleep.
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one big timeline [06 Sep 2009|07:54pm]
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ok ok so i finally did it, 2 and a half years later. i started watching gudu long before i got them too, so thanks for being with me all the way! i really do miss my dreads but i honestly needed the change- mostly due to the fact that i need to do observation hours to teach and i don't want to be denied anything because of my appearances. i hate to submit to that, but its the honest truth. and whos to say i'll never have dreads again? once a dreadhead always a dreadhead!!


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Dreadscans! [06 Sep 2009|09:21pm]
I never had a scanner before so I could never do them, but here! Man, does my neck hurt. :]

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