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New hairdo, wrap, and birthday! [07 Sep 2009|12:23am]
I found this new hairdo accidentally. Basically, put a ponytail holder on all of your dreads about three inches from the ends, then flip it into itself!

My birthday is tomorrow (the 8th). I'll be 21! Yay!

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[07 Sep 2009|01:30am]
While playing with my hair, I found a huge bald spot! It's a good 2 by 2 inches! It must be from ripping dreads apart when they grow together.. My dreads are pretty thick.. I hope it's not a problem. Has this happened to anyone?

edit: I checked the memories. This is a real bald spot.. the hair has literally been ripped out. It's not the part between 2 dreads or any of that nonsense.

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Progress Report With Pictures [07 Sep 2009|08:48am]
Hi all! It's been... wow, almost one month since the great backcomb! I don't have one-month progress pics, but I do have one-week ones that I forgot to post before.

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Ripping dreads in half, and non-uniform sectioning... [07 Sep 2009|09:06am]
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Yeah I know I looked in the memories at this, at the two entries there were. I'm trying to decide if i should rip apart some of my baby dreads in the back... they are around two weeks old and I 'm not happy with the size of them. I want dreads that are this size or a little bigger http://community.livejournal.com/get_up_dread_up/3677576.html and relatively uniform in size, so I sectioned off one & a 1/2 inch size sections all over my head. Apparently my hair isn't distributed evenly over my head at *all*, in the front the dreads came out skinny and I thought I must just have thinner hair, and that that was the the right section size to get that thickness of dread. Well those dreads along the hairline are pinky thickness or less but on the crown and back of my head, *with the same size sections*, they came out like my thumb or thicker, and not just the poofy backcombed bodies of the dreads but the roots are just massive as well. Apparently I've thinned out along the hairline but not in the back! I don't really want my dreads as thick as they are in the back, so I'm contemplating ripping them and combing them to make them more or less the thickness of the ones in front... tho at this point in the game i may end up just totally re-backcombing. I don 't know, they are pretty tight and matted up already though and I hate to just totally undo that. I don't know what to do!!!

BTW I figure that with the spacing I have now, when my whole head is done (had to leave the bottom back undone as its too short to dread yet, only 2 inches or so long) I'll have 35-40 dreads, and the back section with the fatties that is done, has about 9 dreads. I'm not sure how many I want to end up with but maybe around 45-50? What would you do?

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[07 Sep 2009|02:23pm]
i haven't seen any mention of it in the memories... maybe i didn't look enough, but i'll ask anyways. feel free to redirect me to the right memories post if it exists...

what do you guys think of dread accelerator products? precisely i've been given an almost full pot of Knotty Boy LockSteady Tropical Tightening Gel and i just put some in my friend's hair, on which i started new locks.

the ingredients are:
100% Pure Aloe Vera, Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Lime Essential Oil

it has a very sticky feel, but when he washed his hair it was all gone, and it seems to be doing a good job so far...
but i wonder what ingredients cause the stickyness...
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A good day [07 Sep 2009|05:36pm]
My co-worker took this picture of the back of my head at work today. I never see that part. I like it.

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3 months and an experiment...possibly nsfw? [07 Sep 2009|08:28pm]
So my dreadies are 3 months today and pretty much out of control :)  Lots of loopies and stuff

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Also, I looked around the memories and couldn't find anything regarding what I wanted to try so I just tried it myself to see if it would work out. So when I combed out my first set of dreads, I kept the bag full of hair that came out. I know people have taken animal hair and just palmrolled and crocheted to make little dread extensions, so I tried this with my combed out hair. Only they're pretty long...

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I'm going to leave it for about a month to see how it goes and if it works out well, I will extend more. The 2 I extended are the ones from the nape of my neck..

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