September 9th, 2009

Issue w/Dr Bronner's being slow to dry???

Was just wondering if anyone had had this issue. I noticed since I did the dreads this time that they were drying super duper fast. They are short, but I had short ones before, and they just would take hours to dry even so. Well I think I solved the issue. I've been washing w/Trader Joe's Next to Godliness tea tree and lavender dish soap since I dreaded up this time, and used Dr Bronners in either teatree, peppermint or lavender before. Well today I decided to use Dr B's peppermint since I felt a bit itchy and thought it might be refreshing. Which it was, but here I am hours later and my hair is still wet. Has anyone ever noticed this before? I wonder what it would be in the Dr B's that would cause that... I know some people feel that it isn't truly residue free and it makes their locks feel sticky, maybe that has something to do with it?

Thoughts? Experiences?

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1 Month Old - Finally

My dreadies are a month old... it seems like it's been longer.  Some of the roots are loose because I've been hiding them from my Grandma. I sort of keep them up and wear a bandanna. But she's that kind of person that notices everything you don't want them to.
Other than some crazy loose hair at the top, they're locking up quite nicely.

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Surprise kitty

Happy Tales of School

School started back for me two weeks ago, and I've had a few warm fuzzies moments thanks to my hair. The first one, I was visiting a friend in the dorm, and I saw a girl shyly staring at me. She was wearing a wicked awesome wrap skirt, so I was memorized by that when she finally walked past me really quickly and shyly whispered "I really like you hair!" I responded with a big smile and said "THANKS! I love your outfit!!" She blushed and told me she was afraid to say something because a lot of people with dreads are jerks. I laughed and told her that she can talk to me whenever she wants, and most dreaddies arent that bad :).

The second, I saw a guy in the library with a REALLY amazing tattoo on his arm. After staring at it for a while (I have a habit of doing this it seems, god Im creepy!) I finally told him how much I liked his tattoo. We talked about it for a while and then I left for class. Well, it turns out he's in one of my classes. So, as I was walking out, I saw him and he looked at me and smiled and I said "HEY! Its cool tattoo guy!" and he was like "ITS AWESOME HAIR GIRL!" and we started to talk. We've bonded (yay), but I still have no idea what his name is, nor does he know mine....

That said, I've also had a few people pull the ::wrinkle nose:: "You dreaded your hair!??!" And one person after staring at me for a while finally went "OH MY GOD THATS YOUR REAL HAIR!", whice was amusing to say the least. I've only seen two other dreadheads on campus, and one of them is a guy with the most beautiful set of small dreads I've ever seen, but he always wears his hair pulled back in a really tight bun, and I think he uses wax, so I want to talk to him, but he's always running when I see him.

photo extravaganzaaaaaa

I have dreads again! They are only one week old but I'm antsy to post photos. I went up to see my buddy arthuradot (how do I make that hyperlinked text...ahh!) and he backcombed my hair. He and his roommates graciously gave up their living room for an entire day [thanks again!! :)] and let me camp out there. Before then, I had never had my hair backcombed before. It felt so crazy! He did a great job and if anyone is in the Orlando area and needs work on their dreads, he's your man. Lots of neato things have happened since I last had dreads. I now present to you my photo montage.

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I live in Miami now. I will definitely be taking advantage of the salt water on my dreads!

<3 Jenny J
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over a year now :O

Hey GUDU, I haven't posted anything here in ages. My dreads turned 1 in August and I didn't even make a post! Well this post is no timeline thats for sure, but heres a few pictures I took today to share with you untill I get my camera back. Once i have my camera I can take some proper photos as well as share some photos from this past year! Hope you enjoy :)
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