September 10th, 2009

5 weeks old

Hello! Greetings from Michigan! This is my first time posting to GUDU and i'm very excited because I've been watching the community for awhile now.

My best friend and I got our dreads done together in a chaotic fit of glory. Now we're both helping each other out as newbies but thats where all you experienced young bucks come in! Here are my five week old dreadies. I love them so much!

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Heeeeey GUDU!

I'm traveling in Switzerland in the moment, but I thought I'd give an update on my dreads. They're now 5 weeks old and I'm lovin' em! I've had a bit of trouble with itchies and dandruff as I don't have a trusty spray bottle with tea tree oil/water on me, but other than that they seem to be doing great. I've had a few start to fall out and lots of loops, but I figure it'll all happen in time right! Here's a couple pictures I just took.

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Ouch! Dreadlock inury

I woke at 3am this morning to go to the bathroom.

On the way I tripped and fell into the wall - as a result a dread in the front of my head ripped out. Amongst the blood on my head you can see that the hair has been pulled out by it's roots and the poor old dread is hanging on by a few hairs.

Shall I leave it in there and try and combine it with the roots of another dread or cut it out and live with a big bald spot  for a while? Once the hair grows back I could put the original dread back in, if I keep it.

No pictures because, frankly, it's gross.
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My name is Sam. I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. I have 70? dreads. I did start them off with poor backcombing/sectioning which required me to do a lot of rippage after showers. My dreads are 17 months old.


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