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[11 Sep 2009|09:47am]
I have a question. I have a dread on the side of my head, right next to my fuzzy shaved side, that has a really thin root. It's probably about 4mm across where the dread meets the root, then it fans out a little. I constantly have to separate it from the dread next to it and every time i do, it gets thinner. I've been considering chopping it off at the thin spot(about an inch and a half from my head), combining it's leftover roots with the dread it keeps trying to merge with, and sewing the disembodied dread to one of my other ones to make one super long dread somewhere random in my hair.

Am I crazy or does this sound like it could work?
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Baking Soda in France? [11 Sep 2009|11:04am]
So, I've come to France to study for the year, and yesterday at LeClerc [like... the Wal*Mart of France] I could NOT find baking soda. I ended up consulting a dictionary that told me that baking soda is "bicarbonate de soude" in French.
Alas. Knowing the name of something does not render you capable of locating it.
Are there any French dread-heads who have suggestions as to where to find it?
France also seems to be lacking in the Dr Bronners department.

Other than these two little manques, France is ABSLUTELY lovely.

A couple...Collapse )
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Ears and Hairs [11 Sep 2009|01:06pm]
Pic of dreadies for relevance!I have a dumb face, but if you see where I wrapped the dark green on above the gray stuff, that's how much my hair has grown in 9 months.

Off topic, I'm trying to get back into stretching my ears. I quit for a while because I didn't have money to buy earrings. I still don't have lots, which is why I want to buy some used ones.
gaugetrade isn't accepting new members, which I used to be a member of and left.
My next size-up is 8 gauge. Any community suggestions?
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"natural" or "neglect method" dreadies..... [11 Sep 2009|09:23pm]
Hi all. I cut 10 months ago after 2yrs dreaded. Chilled with straight hair for a while, and all this year I think I've combed 5 times. About 2-3mo ago, I noticed a couple "rats" in my hair, and since I hate combing, I went on strike and left them. Now I have 7 dreadies. So I'm wondering, about how long did it take you Naturals to have a full head of dreads? I'm in no hurry really, time is flying by compared to the first 2-3mo of my back-combed set..... I'm just curious.
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