September 12th, 2009

Here I am, once again

Hello GUDU friends! I'm updating, coming up on my third month. I've lost some inches, they've become much tighter (especially underneath) and it's been fun so far. I've had a few negative comments from people who don't think I was my hair. I just want to look at them and ask "If I didn't wash my hair, why the eff would I bother with makeup?". *facepalm*

I've nearly mastered the art of balancing my camera on things and using the two second self timer. Behold the fruit of my toil!
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soo this summer i was hulahooping during a festival in the city. the festival was just one minute walk from where i live, so i went there all the time. and this photographer guy had fun with my case, he took 38 really beautuful pictures, and my dreads are looking fabulous in them, so i wanted to share some of them here. enjoy. :)

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Salons, crochet hooks and videos

Yup, Ive read through the memories, but couldn't find anything that really covered salon maintenance on dreads 1 year+.

Has anyone had their roots and loose hairs neatened up at a salon?

I am looking into getting mine done (a one off treat to myself), but obviously want avoid the pitfalls of them doing more harm than good, especially with straight non-kinky hair!

Also, if using a crochet hook myself for tidying up, what size is ideal? (my dreads are about 16 months old) I think Ive been using one that's too big as it just seem to punch big holes and get really stuck! (its 1.5mm)

Lastly, just so I am completely sure, is this the way to do it?

Thanks chaps!

Oh, and here is my hair now :)


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Ive been in this comm. for a while, only posted when i had dreads...

so help me if you can..

TORONTO or MONTREAL > anyone know of any good salons to get new dreads done.
i am willing to spend the money because my old dreads (now gone)  were done with wax, not seperated well and just ended up a big mess. but i managed to comb them out after 6months. 

anyways, any salons or people perhaps to reference.. please do so

keep it natural.

this took forever.

I never did my 2 year timeline. On August 1rstish they turned 2 years. I miss when they were young and fluffy and always changing.  I mean, i'm excited about all the growth I've gotten, and they're so mature now it's great; but still, I miss the excitement every new deep cleaning brought, and the character they had. But now... they're a pretty good set. I can't believe that I got this far.. or that they're this nice. Thank god my friends are willing to hurt themselves with felting needles!

ALSO: I went to Shambhala again this year, it was magical. Some nice random hippy gave me some free dread beads!

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They turned 3 years old at the beginning of this month. :) They look nothing like I envisioned them to be this far down the road, but I wouldn't change a thing. Even that stubborn loop that's developed in the front of the top. :)

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The Muppet Experiment

So, I decided to try something with my dreads. It may or may not be good for them, but I thought it'd be fun to try...worst case scenario, I shave my head and we all learn from my mistake. Win-win!

This is the result of my experiment. I LOVE it. I was originally just going to do one or two test dreads...but I absolutely loved the look and feel, so went ahead and did it all. Took me about a week. 0.o I only did a few a day.

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