September 13th, 2009


Choppy timeline

A few of you asked to see what my dreads looked like when I first started them. I realized I should have done a bit of a timeline.

Here's a few pictures (well, okay....more than a few).

This was the night my mom did them. She sprayed them down with salt water (they live on their boat in the ocean) so the camera flash caught the glint of the water.

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Mike's Dreads, 2 months.

So far the tiny crochet method is working very well for Michael. He has thick hair, so it is dreading up so fast that I admit I am jealous! He is also happier, he likes that he doesn't have to brush the knots out of his hair all the time!

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I'm shannon and I've been following this site for a little bit. I've had dreads for two months and twelve days, now. When I dreaded them up, my hair was completely dead from dye. I had teal hair, and now it's the color of a garbageman. Do you think it's too early to use dread dye?  Also, it seems like over time, only the body of the dread is locked up. The ends and roots are pretty loose. Is that normal?

I'm looking forward to watching my babies grow! :D

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HELLO! I'm Nikki, I've been following this community for awhile, absorbing all the dready goodness I can. This is my fifth month with dreads and I love them and couldn't imagine myself without them.

(i hope this picture is small enough)

Just wanted to say a big hello!!