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0_0 [14 Sep 2009|01:48pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

It's been 2 months.

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I'm very happy with them. I absolutely LOVE not having to comb my hair. They're starting to shrink, just a little bit.

I hope everyone has a happy dreadie day. ♥

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Faded Henna, post sun [14 Sep 2009|02:36pm]
Hey everyone, it's been a while and my dreads' henna has pretty much faded away with the summer sun, so I bleached out a few locks for the heck of it. I might re-henna in a bit but for now I'm enjoying the sun kissed look. Perhaps I'll go red again for the autumn...

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Flame [14 Sep 2009|06:26pm]
Hey, I cut my dreads about 4 years ago (wow, that long?) but while I had them this community was really helpful and I've just rediscovered you guys because my best friend just started her first set! I've really enjoyed lurking the past couple weeks and I can't get enough pics of your great dreads. A second set might be in store for me, but my hair has lots of growing to do first (right now it's maybe half an inch). I was really inspired by my friend's hair (her in general tbh) to create this piece of art, and I thought you all might like it.

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Ps, it was totally trippy to see some of my old comments in the memories. Me 5 years ago = totally different person.
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loooong over due! [14 Sep 2009|09:26pm]
Hi Everyone!

This post is a huge update as well as a temporary farewell. Last month I would have celebrated three years with my locks. However, life happened and I only made it to 2 years and 9 months. I faced a seriously difficult decision but in the end, I know I made the right decision to cut my hair off. 

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Drastic Hair Cut and my one dread.. still thriving! [14 Sep 2009|11:27pm]

I posted a few months ago about my boyfriends dreads and my single dread.

As for my boyfriends dreads... He doesn't leave them alone, I always tell him that he needs to STOP because it's only hurting him and not helping him. Oh well.. What can you do?

Well, anywho.. I got a drastic hair cut (the last one before growing out for the full dreadage) but my small dreadie is still intact! It has shrunk up SOOO much, it's hard as a rock. I'm so proud. it even rounded it's tip out all by it's self!

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FINALLY [14 Sep 2009|11:56pm]
I never thought this day would come! But this is the longest my hair has ever been and this is the first time in my life I've been abel to tie it ALL back, so I am quite excited and have decided to share with this lovely little community.
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