September 16th, 2009


I went a little camera happy =]

So, I FINALLY took the plunge and got dreadies =]
After 10 years of wanting them(since the first time I saw them when I was 8), I got them.
I am thrilled and I come bearing pictures!

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Also, I read through the memories and have a very good idea of how to care for these and all of that jazz, but I'd still appreciate tips.
(totally just typed tits right there hahah)
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Brands and products

 I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on brands.

 I started my dreads with Knotty Boy wax, shampoo and tightening gel. Now at three months I have a lot of build up of wax after using it according to their directions. I've stopped putting any new wax in and have washed it four times since then in very hot water. This has melted a significant amount of the wax out, though there is still some build up of it. Upon further research I have found sites which say that their tightening gel doesn't do what it says it does at all. I actually fear that the tightening gel may be buildinng up in them as well. So I am considering switching to DreadheadHQ. I have been researching their products and am so far impressed. I want to try their Lock Peppa, and Lock Accelerator while making knots and a very minimal amount of their wax along with their shampoo. From what I've read on their site it seems that their wax is very different then Knotty Boy's and that their shampoo is superior, not leaving behing the residues that the Knotty Boy shampoo does. However before I shell out $20 for shipping to Canada I was hoping to hear from some people who have used them beofre or someone who has used both. 

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Dreads and SCUBA

Alright so I checked the memories and can't find anything about my specific questions just salt water in general.

So here it is my dreads are 3 months old now and are doing pretty well I think (pics later). I'm in a program for college that does a lot of intensive diving all around the world (Massachusetts, Tahiti, and Washington State). So I was basically wondering 2 things is there any special precautions I should take to make sure my dreads stay nice and keep growing up. The other question is about cold water and wearing a dive hood. Will wearing the dive hood have any negative impact on how my dreads are forming?

Thanks :D

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i just used the crochet method on my friend's dread yesterday. i had started them about two weeks ago but he was complaining that they weren't tight enough and being all impatient with them, so i thought i'd give it a try... now his dreads are sooo insanely tight, i'm wondering if they will get looser with time... do any of you guys have experience on that? i don't have a picture at the moment, but maybe i can take one later because he's coming over to finish the work - my crochet broke while we still had 14 dreads to finish.

also i just did a deep clean on my hair and i put water everywhere in my appartment because i ran out of the shower to get the stuff i forgot in the kitchen... 0_o .i'm waiting for my hair to dry to really feel the difference - it's the first time i try it!

i'm having fun reading the memories and trying a bunch of different stuff hehe.
have an awesome dreadlock day! :)