September 18th, 2009



I'm supposed to be doing a homework assignment--I already have less than 5 hours sleep if I go to bed now. Naturally, this means I scanned my dreads. Five and a half weeks old, and just about a week since I finished my experiment in back-crocheting...

(Please ignore the lint. It has been located and terminated.)

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New set

 My past set of dreads (as you can see in my icon) was about 9 months old when I cut/combed them out this past March. I did so for two reasons. My sweetie wanted to run hands through my hair and my mother wanted to see my hair natural again while on her death bed. Well, my sweetie and I are now married and my mother has passed away. I've been wanting to start a new set for a while now. I'm an actor so it's always something to think about. However, I am not acting currently because I am pregnant with out first baby. :) We just found out that it's a healthy baby boy. We couldn't be more excited. Anywho, last week I started a new set. I had told my baby that I was planning on it and one day when work was over come home to find me all dreaded again. Everyone seems to like them. I LOVE them. I didn't know how much I had missed them until a guy in the store asked to touch them the other day. lol Sadly I have no photos of the new set yet. I will post as soon as I do!

I'm new!

Hello. My hair was so damaged from bleaching it platinum blond that it started dreading. It's been black, and I was conditioning my hair and combing them out for about a year, then it got so bad I decided to just let it go. Now I love my hair. Oh, it's shaved on one side too.
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The dread fairy???

I don't often have people ask about my hair because I think people around here are used to seeing them. I live in a pretty earthy state (Vermont) and near a pretty crunchy town. I'm not the only one around here that has dreads, though there's still only about 3 of us in the immediate area. When you get up into the city (about a half hour away), there's lots more.

Anyway.....I was picking up some paperwork at a neighboring school and while I was sitting there filling it out, a woman came up to me and asked, "Can I touch your hair, please?" I said, "Sure, go for it."

She said, "How long does it take for you to get them this way?"

I told her that mine were 3 years old. She asked if they looked that way when I started and I told her that they've been a work in progress and look nothing like what I started 3 years ago. That they've got a mind of their own and have done their own thing over the years.

She said, "Oh yah, they really do. Yours took a long time. I had a boyfriend once who had dreads. He was a farmer. He never intended to have dreads. One night he went to bed and the next morning, he woke up and they were there on his head!"

I was speechless and just said, "Oh?"

And she said, "Yah, they were amazing. Yours look really great on you!" and then walked away.

People.....she was dead serious.

If only I'd known there was a Dread Fairy before I started mine. I could have saved 3 years of work! ;) *rolls eyes*

So this isn't text only, I took a picture of one of the fatties in the front. I just LOVE the texture this one has!