September 19th, 2009

quite picture heavy :-)

I've posted a couple of times before with one photo of my developing dreads (neglect...) and I just wanted to post a few more photos!

it's interesting for me to think back three or so years when I was at what I like to refer to as a "dread peak". I think a lot of people go through a dread peak where they REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wnat dreadlocks and they finally have that awesome revelation that they're going to go ahead with it. well, as I said, mine was 3 years ago (approx.) but I couldn't have them because my hair was too short. it's interesting that now my hair is long enough (even though it's lopsided!) to begin, I would prefer to form them through neglect
a) because I can (thank you hair type!)
b) because I feel that I am in a time in my life where I am in no rush

of course it would be excellent to have beautiful dreads from day 1 - that is what we all dream of. alas, that is not possible. I think it's so exciting to allow them to form on their own so much that I don't have to really even do anything, apart from the occasional palmroll just out of the shower for a bit of shape (and to avoid huge random clumps ofhair!) and seperating at the roots every so often.

I hope everybody else is enjoying their journey as much as I am.

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thank you! Namaste!

baby dreads

 i had dreads briefly (~3 months) last winter, and loved them, until i got really depressed and cut my hair really short. i instantly regretted it, and since then i have been growing it out to dread again. when i got to college this fall, i decided the time had come. my hair was still pretty short, but long enough to dread. 

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6 dreads...

Hey all, its been a while, :)

I haven't brushed my hair since january, when I decided to start my first set of dreads. I backcombed them then, however only a few behind my ears and at the nape of my neck have survived. I gave up on trying to keep dreads and decided to let my hair do whatever the hell it wants, so I'm still not brushing it. I still have 6 dreads (and a 7th forming) a few are forming on the side that I sleep on (I look a bit odd right now).

However to most people my hair looks (and feels) silky smooth because of a large portion of undreaded hair hiding the dreads. I've promised my mum that I will keep this section undreaded until after her wedding (in next few weeks) however after then I would like to backcomb the undreaded hair.

Is anyone willing to help me? I'm in Hull, UK.

I'd upload photos but I am sleepy...