September 20th, 2009

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Hows it goin everyone its been awhile since ive posted but i found some good pics and figured id put them up.  The old head sweater is a little over four and half years old.  Right before most of these pics were taken i cut seven inches off each dread, lighten the load a bit.  A couple days ago i had a freakout and nearly cut them all off, however i worked through this and love them more than ever.

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Pregnant with dreads

In September it will be 5 years since I've had dreads. I was thinking of cutting them earlier in the year but when I found out my mind had one major visualization: baby hands grabbing dreads. My niece used to hold onto my hair when she was a baby and now everytime she sees me she holds my locks and waits for me to tickle her face with them.

I was very curious as to the quality of my dreads during pregnancy. I'll share some of my experience thus far. First, my hair has been very oily. I've had to wash it much more frequently. Also, my roots are like weeds! I am obsessive about catching the stray hairs but it seems like new hair is forming quicker than I can manage it. Another issue is that I'm not able to color my hair. Coloring is my mode of keeping my hair dry and dreadable. I've now realized that it isn't necessary to expose myself to chemicals every other month just to have my hair be brittle and dry. The dreads are starting to weaken in the middle of some of them and the coloring has had some effect I think.

But I do LOVE the look of richly colored dreads. Which non-chemical coloring agents do any of you recommend? And are there any other women out here who have some dread stories during pregnancy? Or pictures?! Love you all and blessings!